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Acoustics Consultants:

  • Acoustics complete solutions provider 
  • Pre & Post Sound and Noise measurement by B&K Or Larsen & Davis Spectrum analyzer
  • Vibration measurement & Vibration Isolation
  • 4Rain Noise Isolation & Under Decks system
  • Roads & Tunnels Noise Barriers both Absorptive & Reflective type 
  • Acoustics Plasters for Tunnels & Open office systems


The goal of our organization has always been to attain a leading position in the market by providing best quality products to the customers while being on the cutting edge of advanced technologies as well as innovations. In addition, we are also committed to presenting top notch construction-based products such as Wood Fluted Acoustic Fiber Board Panel, Softra Fabrico Wall Panel, MagTuff Non-Insulating Sheathing Boards, FA Connector And Edge Clip, Softra Fiberglass Acoustic Ceiling Tiles, etc., as well as services to all our clients.

Social Responsibility And Health Concerns

The key priority for our company is the safety & health of our clients, team and individuals participating in any particular project. We have also adopted the CSR strategies in accordance with the set industrial standards followed by ethical business values.


Our business enterprise and its team members are imbued with below mentioned seven aspects that are focused on providing excellent work. Despite the obstacles and challenges that comes in our way, we remain steadfast to our commitment to our values. Moreover, following are the elements of our values:

  • We focus on satisfaction of customer.
  • We maintain utmost integrity and transparency.
  • We provide our products at cost-effective prices.
  • We focus on the welfare of our employees.
  • We believe in sustainable development.
  • We provide top-quality products like Softra Fabrico Wall Panel, FA Connector And Edge Clip, Wood Fluted Acoustic Fiber Board Panel, Softra Fiberglass Acoustic Ceiling Tiles, etc.


The major applications of our product line, are in the following areas:





Public Space


  • Worships
  • Museum
  • Home Theaters
  • Sports

  • Cinema
  • Auditorium
  • Club
  • Malls

  • Defence
  • Assemblies
  • Judicial
  • Police

  • Health Care
  • Studios
  • Education
  • Hospitality

  • Stations
  • Airport
  • Stadiums
  • Public Administrations

  • Offices
  • Industrial
  • Banking
  • Convention Centre

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